Science Highlights

Some recent GEOTRACES science findings are reported below.

Strong lithogenic imprints in the Indian Ocean waters

Ueki and co-authors reported the first sectional distributions of zirconium, hafnium and niobium along a north-south track in the Indian Ocean.


The development of the modern Antarctic Circumpolar Current occurred much later than previously thought!

This study is challenging the belief that the onset of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current was solely triggered by the opening and deepening of Southern Ocean Gateways.


A dynamic iron cycle in Peru

Gu and colleagues explore the temporal variation of iron over 11 cruises along the Peruvian shelf.


Trace metal fluxes of cadmium, copper, lead and zinc from the Congo River into the South Atlantic Ocean are supplemented by atmospheric inputs

Liu and colleagues show that rainfall augments some fluxes of trace metals from the Congo River.

Aluminium, manganese, iron, cobalt, and lead display contrasting fate along north–south and east–west sections in the North Pacific Ocean

Chan et co-authors provide a comprehensive view of trace metal distribution in the subarctic Pacific Ocean.


Trans Polar Drift transport controls the dissolved copper-organic binding ligand distribution

Arnone and her colleagues report the concentrations and conditional stability constants of dissolved copper-binding ligands in the Arctic Ocean…


Surprise in the Gulf of Aqaba: intense dust inputs are not a source of trace metals to seawater!

Benaltabet and his colleagues present a 2-year time series of several trace metal concentration profiles sampled at a daily resolution.


Are the pelagic clay-rich sediments a major source of elements to bottom-waters?

Steiner and colleagues analysed porewater and bulk sediment concentrations of multiple trace elements along a transect from Hawaii to Alaska.


Exhaustive study discussing ocean marine carbon dioxide removal via iron fertilization

Bach and colleagues approach favours to use a range of observational, experimental, and computational data sources.