The Japanese GEOTRACES GP22 cruise is sailing in the western North Pacific Ocean

It will reveal the full-depth profiles of trace elements and their isotopes in the western North Pacific.

New Publication from GEOTRACES in a UN Ocean Decade Special Issue

GEOTRACES contributed to a special issue focused on the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Pursuit and Decay: a Graphic Story about the Journey of Carbon in the Ocean

A graphic story depicting the journey of carbon from the atmosphere to the deep ocean by Laurie Kaplowitz and Jennifer Kenyon.

New Special Issue: Atmospheric deposition in the low-nutrient-low-chlorophyll ocean

The special issue presenting the results obtained during the PEACETIME process study cruise is now available!


It will take place in Plouzané (France) from 19th to 21st of September 2022.

Do not wait to submit your data for the next GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product!

The Standards and Intercalibration Committee as well as the GDAC are reviewing and processing data on an ongoing basis.

GEOTRACES: Sharing marine geochemical data – webinar recording available!

This webinar was organised as a satellite activity of the UN Ocean Decade Laboratory on “An Accessible Ocean”.

New GEOTRACES interactive cruise map!

This interactive map allows you to see the completed and planned GEOTRACES cruises tracks in all the different basins.

Main outcomes of the Japanese GEOTRACES cruises in the subarctic Pacific

This article synthesises the outcomes of the research completed by two Japanese surveys along the GP02 section.