IDP related helpful tools

In this page, we will be listing helpful tools developed by IDP users and that the developers are willing to make them available to other users. If you have questions about the tools, please contact the developer directly.

  • FeMIPeval ocean model assessment tool: It is designed to facilitate the assessment of ocean iron cycle models against GEOTRACES intermediate data product 2017 (IDP2017) via a set of different skill metrics in a systematic manner. This tool was produced in the framework of SCOR WG151 Iron Model Intercomparison Project (FeMIP) by Jonathan Rogerson and Marcello Vichi at the University of Cape Town. It’s available here:

If you have developed an IDP related tool and you wish for it to be listed on this page, please contact the GEOTRACES IPO (ipoNO SPAM -- FILTER@NO SPAM --