Data Management

The GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee has established an GEOTRACES International Data Assembly Centre (GDAC) at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (Liverpool, United Kingdom). GDAC is responsible for the compilation, quality control and secure archiving of data received from national data centers and from core international GEOTRACES cruises. Information concerning the protocols for submission of GEOTRACES data has been posted on their web site (click on the link above or contact

On February 2014, four years after the launch of the GEOTRACES Programme, the first GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product was released. The second GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product (IDP2017) was released in August 2017. It is freely available to download from here (you will be transferred to the GDAC web site).

GEOTRACES International Data Management Committee

The first step towards establishing a GEOTRACES International Data Management Centre was taken by a group of experts who developed a proposal for data management in GEOTRACES. Subsequently, GEOTRACES established a standing committee on Data Management, currently co-chaired by Drs. William Landing of the Florida State University and Alessandro Tagliabue of the University of Liverpool. That committee has developed more specific recommendations for data management which have been implemented by the GEOTRACES International Data Management Centre. Members of the Data Management Committee are as follows:

William Landing, Florida State University, USA (co-chair)
Alessandro Tagliabue, University of Liverpool, UK (co-chair)

Maite Maldonado, University of British Columbia, Canada
Jun Nishioka, Hokkaido University, Japan
Reiner Schlitzer, AWI-Bremerhaven, Germany
Sunil Kumar Singh, National Institute of Oceanography, India
Thomas Weber, University of Rochester, USA

Past DMC members:

Reiner Schlitzer, Alfred Wegener Institute (co-chair 2007-2012), Chris Measures, University of Hawaii (co-chair 2007-2013), Andrew Bowie, University of Tasmania, Australia (co-chair 2012-2017), William Jenkins, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (2007-2014), Jing Zhang (2007-2017) and Laurent Bopp, Ecole Normale Superiore (2014-2019).

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