Standards and Reference Materials

Important note to the GEOTRACES community:

Seawater consensus material GSP and GSC

The community needs to develop consensus values for the GEOTRACES standards GSP (2009 GEOTRACES Pacific surface seawater) and GSC (2009 GEOTRACES coastal surface seawater), since we have no samples left to send out for the original consensus materials.   For those of you who have received GSC and GSP, please report those values to Jim Moffett at  These reported values are held in confidence by Moffett but are vital for our community.

If you require GSC and GSP samples, please email Moffett with a request.  To save time, include a Fedex account number with your initial request. If you prefer DHL, please set up the shipment from your end (Moffett will provide you with pickup instructions) and email Moffett a copy of the DHL Waybill with bar code.

While there is no charge for the samples themselves, they were costly to procure. Receipt constitutes an obligation to report values.

Seawater consensus material CAP 

Deep water (2500m) from the Cape Basin (CAP) has been cleanly sampled and bottled by GEOMAR (Achterberg/Schlosser) onboard Meteor cruise M121 (GA08) for trace element analysis. Samples of this consensus material (500 mL bottles) will soon be available to those who will supply their values for establishing a consensus value. Once enough laboratories have contributed, consensus values will be published. As for other consensus materials, receipt constitutes an obligation to report values. For obtaining the samples (when available) and to enquire about shipping, please contact

Consensus Values:


GSP and GSC Seawater Samples:

Consensus Values for the GEOTRACES standards GSP (2009 GEOTRACES Pacific surface seawater) and GSC (2009 GEOTRACES coastal surface seawater) are available to dowload here.

SAFe and North Atlantic Seawater Samples:

Consensus Values for the SAFe and North Atlantic GEOTRACES Reference Seawater Samples are available to download on the table below. Please, read the GEOTRACES Standards and Reference Samples Read Me document before downloading the files:

*Read Me version 2016 (Also see previous Read Me statements: 20112009)


Element SAFE Reference SamplesMay 2013 GEOTRACES Reference Samples May 2013
Al* .pdf .pdf
Cd .pdf .pdf
Co .pdf .pdf
Cu .pdf .pdf
Fe .pdf .pdf
Mn .pdf .pdf
Ni .pdf .pdf
Pb .pdf .pdf
Zn .pdf .pdf
*Cautionary Note on the Analysis of Seawater for Aluminium