Researchers Analytical Expertise Database

The following table shows a list of GEOTRACES researchers and their analytical expertise. To view an individual profile and get his/her contact details, click on the researchers “Surname” field.

You can search for a specific “TEI expertise” or “Researcher” by using the advanced filter available on the left of the table. Please follow the instructions below:

To search for a specific “TEI expertise” please use the filters “Self-reported expertise” or “Participated in Intercalibration”.

To search for a “researcher” please enter the researcher’s surname in the “Keywords” box.

You may also contact the coordinators of the different parameter intercalibration groups for expertise or assitance with intercalibrating a lab or data. If you are looking for technical information about trace metal-clean sampling systems, please contact Prof. Dr. Greg Cutter (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA). 

Researchers willing to be included in the Database can fill out and submit the form available [here]. Researchers are responsible to keep their profiles up-to-date by filling out and submitting a new form [here] anytime they wish to modify any information. The GEOTRACES IPO will regularly delete old profiles. If you want your profile to be removed from this database please contact the GEOTRACES IPO.