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Discover the GEOTRACES International Programme! (Subtitles in 9 languages) Watch it in Youku

Watch this video to learn what isotopes are and why they have revolutionised our knowledge and understanding of the oceans. (Subtitles in 7 languages) Watch it in Youku
Discover how scientists have found that lead pollution in the marine environment has been reduced… (Subtitles in 5 languages) Watch it in Youku
Not only is it omnipresent in our daily lives (phones, cars, etc.), in the ocean neodymium has important powers… (Subtitles in 5 languages) Watch it in Youku

Iron plays a fundamental role in marine ecosystems… however, detecting it in the ocean is like finding someone in a crown of a hundred billion people… Find out how scientists measure it and why iron is so important for life in the ocean. (Subtitles in 4 languages) Watch it in Youku
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All what you ever wanted to know about GEOTRACES
Introduction to GEOTRACES by Bob Anderson
The GEOTRACES Field Programme by Catherine Jeandel