Intercalibrate Data Overview

In order to submit data for the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Products, please follow the steps outlined in the IDP Flow chart. In brief, you need to:

(1) submit data and metadata* to the suitable data repository, and in parallel,

(2) submit an “intercalibration report” for these specific datasets to the S&I Committee through the GEOTRACES DOoR.

Templates needed to submit intercalibration reports and data must be obtained by registering the datasets on the GEOTRACES DOoR. These templates include a unique dataset ID for each dataset which will be used to identify and track each dataset through the intercalibration and data submission process.

For reference, an example of intercalibration report, dully filled in, is provided here.

*Researchers from US should submit metadata to BCO-DMO using the BCO-DMO “dataset metadata” form. All others should use the GDAC metadata form available here.