Download IDP2021 Data

GEOTRACES is releasing the third version of its intermediate data product (IDP2021) gathering data acquired on 77 cruises to intensify collaboration within the broader ocean research community but also seeking feedback from the community to help us improve future data products.

The IDP2021 consists of two parts:

(1) the digital data, to be dowloaded as:

(2) the eGEOTRACES Electronic Atlas

In addition, analysis, exploration and visualisation of these data without download it is possible by using the webODV Explore tool (View the video Exploring IDP2021 with webODV Tool by Phoebe Lam).

The GEOTRACES International Data Assembly Centre (GDAC) hosted at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (Liverpool, United Kingdom) is responsible for GEOTRACES data management. Please visit the  GDAC web site or contact for further information.