Download IDP2021 Data

Trace metal data from more than 3362 stations and 89 cruises – Freely available online!

GEOTRACES is releasing the third version of its intermediate data product (IDP2021 version 2) gathering hydrographical and biogeochemical data acquired on 89 cruises to intensify collaboration within the broader ocean research community but also seeking feedback from the community to help us improve future data products.

There are 4 ways to access GEOTRACES data to accommodate different users:

1. Bulk (full packages) download (BODC site, 3 formats: CSV-ASCII, NetCDF and Ocean Data View (ODV) collections): or through the DOI: 10.5285/ff46f034-f47c-05f9-e053-6c86abc0dc7e .

2. Online sub-setting and extraction* (webODV Extractor, easy to select variables, region, cruises, etc.):

3. Online analysis and visualization* (webODV Explorer, very user friendly, no need to download software or data): (Tutorial: View the video Exploring IDP2021 with webODV Tool by Phoebe Lam).

4. Electronic Atlas* (eGEOTRACES allows the user to Select a data group and tracer from any cruise or basin to view the tracer distribution in a section and/or 3-D scenes. Links are provided to the original publications associated with the data):  
eGEOTRACES can help in teaching and outreach activities and can also facilitate conveying societally relevant scientific results to interested laymen or decision makers.

The GEOTRACES International Data Assembly Centre (GDAC) hosted at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (Liverpool, United Kingdom) is responsible for GEOTRACES data management. Please visit the  GDAC web site or contact for further information.

*All these tools have been produced by Reiner Schlitzer at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany.