Marine Geochemistry Textbook

Learn about the GEOTRACES programme in the Marine Geochemistry Textbook published by Matthieu Roy-Barman and Catherine Jeandel. Marine Geochemistry: Ocean Circulation, Carbon Cycle and Climate Change Matthieu Roy-Barman and Catherine Jeandel […]

GEOTRACES in the Handbook of Environmental Chemistry

Research results from GEOTRACES are several times cited in the volume “Trace Metal Biogeochemistry and Ecology of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Systems” of the Handbook of Environmental Chemistry (SPRINGER- Nature, 2016). […]

GEOTRACES in Treatise on Geochemistry textbook

A chapiter devoted to GEOTRACES is included in the second edition of Holland H.D. and Turekian K.K. “Treatise on Geochemistry” under chapiter 8.2, pages 19-51. Reference: Bruland K.W., Middag R. […]

GEOTRACES in Quantitative Chemical Analysis textbook

A section dedicated to GEOTRACES is included in the eighth edition of the Daniel C. Harris’s textbook “Quantitative Chemical Analysis“. The section is included under chapiter 20 on page 247. […]