Marine Geochemistry Textbook

Learn about the GEOTRACES programme in the Marine Geochemistry Textbook published by Matthieu Roy-Barman and Catherine Jeandel.

Marine Geochemistry: Ocean Circulation, Carbon Cycle and Climate Change

Matthieu Roy-Barman and Catherine Jeandel

* Self-contained companion for a course on marine geochemistry

* Comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of interlaced interdisciplinary topics

* Provides a balance of didactic and indepth information. Includes exercises throughout the text, and answers at the end of the book

* Introduces new topics based on ongoing research programs such as GEOTRACES, Global Carbon Project, Tara Ocean

Publisher: OUP Oxford (8 Sept. 2016)
ISBN-10: 0198787499  ISBN-13: 978-0198787495