Database of GEOTRACES Publications

A list of GEOTRACES-related publications, including peer-reviewed papers, as well as, PhD and master dissertations, is available below (it may take a few seconds to charge). Please scroll down for instructions on how can you contribute publications to the database or check if your publications are correctly linked to IDP2021.

Please help us to acknowledge support from the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) by including the following sentence in your publications (learn more about the reasons for this request here):
“The International GEOTRACES Programme is possible in part thanks to the support from the U.S. National Science Foundation (Grant OCE-2140395) to the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR).”

How can you contribute publications to the publication database?

Include “GEOTRACES” in either the title, abstract or keywords of your GEOTRACES publications. The GEOTRACES International Project Office (IPO) will then easily find them and automatically include them in the database. Individuals may also inform the GEOTRACES IPO of recent GEOTRACES-related publications by sending an email to ipoNO SPAM -- FILTER@NO SPAM --

Intermediate Data Product (IDP) data contributors: Please use the DOoR portal to add any new publication of your data included in the IDP. Instructions for checking whether your publications linked to IDP data are correctly listed, are available at the bottom of this web page, please scroll down.

How can you check that your publications linked to IDP data are included in the database and correctly listed in the IDP?

It can be checked by two different methods: (1) by using the publications database above or (2) by querying directly the URL linkage system used in the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product.

  • (1) GEOTRACES Publication Database: Select the « Parameter Search » tab above. Use the dropdown menu to query for the parameter to which you wish to check that your publication is linked. Your publication should be listed under the results for this parameter.
  • (2) IDP reference URL Linkage System: Linkage of IDP data with related publications is done by a URL system that follows the scheme: where « » is a fixed URL followed by a query command « search? » and a query request « campaign=XX&param=ZZ », with « campaign » referring to the GEOTRACES cruise ID (e.g. GP16) and « param » to the GEOTRACES Parameter (e.g. Fe_D_CONC_BOTTLE). By replacing respectively, « XX » by the desired cruise and « ZZ » by the desired GEOTRACES parameter, the user should be able to view the list of publications for the required cruise and parameter.

For example, if you wish to check whether your publication including dissolved iron (Fe_D_CONC_BOTTLE) along the cruise GP16 is listed in the IDP, then you should use the following query: