Cookbook – Sampling and Sample-handling Protocols

Please click here to download the Sampling and Sample-handling Protocols for GEOTRACES Cruises (Cookbook, version 3.0, 2017).

Version 3.0 of the cookbook includes new sections on Aerosols and BioGEOTRACES. In addition, previous sections have also been reviewed.

The previous versions of the cookbook are also available to download: version 1.0 (2010), version 2.0 (2014). The main differences between the version 2.0 and 1.0 were:

  • the General Considerations section that outlines steps required for TEI data to be intercalibrated has been substantially rewritten;
  • the Hydrography and Ancillary Parameters section (and Appendix 2) have been simplified by citing and using the GO-SHIP protocols for most hydrographic measurements;
  • the Radionuclide section now has procedures for artificial radionuclides that was inadvertently omitted in Version 1; and
  • in general, all sections have been reviewed and edited as needed based on experiences with 4 years of actual cruises.