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1 July 2011, by Melanie Gault-Ringold

We have come full circle in our sampling endeavours. If you remember we started the trip a day late due to an emergency tooth extraction, and we arrived home a […]


24 June 2011, by Melanie Gault-Ringold

We have finished sampling our leg of the Geotraces GP13 transect. There are still a few more experiments to complete and a few more surface samples to collect on the […]


20 June 2011, by Melanie Gault-Ringold

The weather is beautiful again, the swell has eased, and it is a great day to be at sea. We are currently at GT19, the last of the mega stations, […]


18 June 2011, by Melanie Gault-Ringold

Although the sun has been shining, the wind and swell have not been in our favor the past couple of days. Our original sampling schedule put a super or mega […]


15 June 2011, by Melanie Gault-Ringold

When we left you last we were on our way to GT4. Since then, we have sampled four more normal stations and we left the next mega station last night. […]


12 June 2011, by Melanie Gault-Ringold

We are well and truly underway in our sampling endeavors.  The first cast of our official Geotraces transect was the trace metal rosette late Friday night at 32.5° S, 172° […]


9 June 2011, by Melanie Gault-Ringold

It is a rare occasion to have both the R/V Southern Surveyor and the R/V Tangaroa in port together, so we made the most of it. On the 5th of […]


2 June 2011, by Taryn Noble and Andrew Bowie

Voyage GEOTRACES GP13 is coming to an end! Today we finished our final station (32.5 oS, 174 oW) north-east of New Zealand, having only lost two stations out of 38 […]