An International Study of the Marine Biogeochemical Cycles of Trace Elements and Isotopes


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A special issue of Oceanography celebrates the 20 years of GEOTRACES!

It reviews the transformational findings of the international GEOTRACES Programme.

US GEOTRACES cruise in the Southern Ocean makes the cover of Eos science news magazine!

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Science Highlights

North-South section of bioactive cadmium, nickel, zinc, copper and iron along GEOTRACES transect GP19 in the Pacific Ocean

Zheng and his colleagues propose the first full sections of the simultaneous dissolved distributions of five nutrient-type trace metals in the western South Pacific Ocean.

MOTES: a new facility designed for trace element sampling in seawater

Zhang and a group of engineers and researchers from Shanghai and Qingdao are presenting a modular trace element sampling facility.

A thorough estimate of the hydrothermal plumes on neodymium concentration and isotope oceanic cycles

Basak and co-workers investigated the influence of particulate matter on neodymium distributions in the Southern East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal Plume.