An International Study of the Marine Biogeochemical Cycles of Trace Elements and Isotopes


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GEOTRACES-PAGES Synthesis Workshop Publications

Each of these synthesis papers represents a valuable resource summarizing state of the art information about the proxies used and about the products of their application.

GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021 + webinar videos available!

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What’s GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021?

The GEOTRACES Intermediate Product 2021 includes hydrographic and marine geochemical data from 77 cruises…

GEOTRACES: Understanding the Oceans -New GEOTRACES video available!

Marine environment shelters a large amount of information which, once decrypted by GEOTRACES, provide answers to questions about our changing world…

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Science Highlights

Specific features characterize the dissolved iron distribution in the North Western Indian Ocean

Venkatesh Chinni and Sunil Kumar Singh propose dissolved iron profiles along two meridional transects realized during spring and fall seasons between the Arabian Sea and the sub-tropical western Indian Ocean…

Anthropogenic aerosol has become a dominant source of zinc in the deep water of the Northern South China Sea

Liao and colleagues determined zinc concentrations and isotope compositions in sinking particles collected in the Northern South China Sea…

An updated global ocean chromium biogeochemical cycle

Janssen and co-authors present an exhaustive compilation of ocean chromium data…