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GEOTRACES: Understanding the Oceans

Let’s imagine that we are able to see our future in the Oceans… Does this idea seem surprising to you? And yet, marine environment shelters a large amount of information…

Isotopes: Tracers of origins & chronometers

What is an isotope? How can we use them in oceanography?

Lead, Humans & Oceans

Lead is a metallic element present everywhere on our planet.

For Kids

Graphic Story: Pursuit and Decay

Pursuit and decay is a graphic story depicting the journey of carbon from the atmosphere to the deep ocean by Laurie Kaplowitz and Jennifer Kenyon.

North Pole GEOTRACES Expedition Children’s Book

Post-doc Katlin Bowman and writer Elizabeth Saito produced a photographic children’s book about the 2015 US GEOTRACES expedition to the North Pole.

Learning Oceanography with Cartoons

Ocean Science Posters with cartoons designed by Tung-Yuan Ho, GEOTRACES SSC member, and his team are available.

Meet the Scientists

Introduction to GEOTRACES by Bob Anderson

Questions related to the GEOTRACES programme are asked to Bob Anderson from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, USA.

The GEOTRACES field programme by Catherine Jeandel

Questions related to the GEOTRACES programme are asked to Catherine Jeandel from CNRS, LEGOS-OMP, University of Toulouse, France.

GEOTRACES and Modelling by Alessandro Tagliabue

Questions related to the GEOTRACES programme are asked to Alessandro Tagliabue from Dept. of Earth, Ocean & Ecological Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK.

GEOTRACES and paleo-oceanography by Liping Zhou

Questions related to the GEOTRACES programme are asked to Liping zhou from Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University, China.

At Sea

Unraveling the mysteries of the Indian Ocean – Podcast

Scientists from the National Institute of Oceanography in Goa, set sail in March 2021 on RV Sindhu Sadhana into the Indian Ocean, one of the least studied Oceans of the […]

GEOTRACES Cruise Blogs

Discover the GEOTRACES cruise blogs made by the scientists at sea.

2016 Investigator voyage to the Kerguelen Plateau

View a compilation of highlights from the IMAS-led HEOBI 2016 cruise to the Southern Ocean and Kerguelen Plateau.

U.S. GEOTRACES Arctic Expedition video “Historic Research Expedition to Arctic Ocean”

We invite you to discover an amazing video prepared by the Florida International University (FIU) about the U.S. GEOTRACES Arctic Expedition. Enjoy it!

Dive Deeper

Utilizing in situ single cell quotas to proxy oceanic dissolved iron bioavailability by Yaela Shaked

In many oceanic regions, iron exerts strong control on phytoplankton growth, ecosystem structure, and carbon cycling.

Radiation: In our ocean, our planet, and our lives by Ken Buesseler

This webinar took place on March 24, 2021

Trace metal chemistry: less is more by Tim Conway

Dr. Tim Conway from University of South Florida brings a wealth of understanding of trace metals… One billion liters of seawater would be required to gather just 25 grams of iron, […]

Outreach Initiatives

Developing science literacy in students

Timothy Kenna and Margie Turrin from Columbia University, New York, have produced a new set of materials in English and Spanish for developing science literacy in students.

Follow GEOTRACES “Teacher at Sea”

Bill Schmoker of the Centennial Middle School in Boulder, Colorado, has participated in the US GEOTRACES Arctic cruise as a “Teacher at Sea” sponsored by Polar-Trec.

Float Your Boat outreach project

US GEOTRACES participated in the “Float Your Boat” an educational outreach program that provides young people an opportunity to learn about the Ocean.

Sharing oceanography with prisoners

Catherine Jeandel (GEOTRACES IPO senior scientist) and Virginie Sanial (PhD student at LEGOS, France) scientists participants at the French GEOVIDE cruise (GA01) are members of the NGO “Les étoiles brillent […]