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May / 31 / 2022

GEOTRACES-PAGES Synthesis Workshop Publications

Each of these synthesis papers represents a valuable resource summarizing state of the art information about the proxies used and about the products of their application.

Nov / 29 / 2021

2021 GEOTRACES SSC meeting (virtual)

Meeting details: Date: 29th September to 1st OctoberTime: 12H – 15H UTCMeeting platform: Zoom meeting Documents for the meeting: All documents can also be downloaded from the following dropbox folder: […]

Sep / 23 / 2021

Follow the MetalGate expedition in the North Atlantic Ocean!

The team, lead by NIOZ PI Dr Rob Middag, will investigate the cycling of trace metals, especially iron, in the Greenland-Iceland-Norwegian-Sea region around Iceland, the main gateway between the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean.

Jul / 19 / 2021

Cruise Statistics

Number of cruises associated with GEOTRACES completed: Number of cruises completed Including all legs Studies/sections Total number of cruises completed:  143 106 – Cruises completed as contribution to the IPY*:  […]

Sep / 24 / 2020

Latest GEOTRACES Publications

Allen, R., Hoffmann, L. J., Law, C. S., & Summerfield, T. C. (2020). Subtle bacterioplankton community responses to elevated CO2 and warming in the oligotrophic South Pacific gyre. Environmental Microbiology […]

Jul / 09 / 2020