GEOTRACES-PAGES Synthesis Workshop Publications

We would like to draw your attention to four synthesis papers that have been published as an outgrowth of stimulating discussions that were held during the GEOTRACES-PAGES workshop on geochemical proxies used in paleoceanography, in December 2018 in Aix-Marseille, France.

Each of these synthesis papers represents a valuable resource summarising state of the art information about the proxies used and about the products of their application. Each of these papers is also published as “open access” so they are freely available and we would encourage everyone to download copies for future reference and use.

  • Costa, K. M., C. T. Hayes, R. F. Anderson, F. J. Pavia, A. Bausch, F. Deng, J.-C. Dutay, W. Geibert, C. Heinze, G. Henderson, C. Hillaire-Marcel, S. Hoffmann, S. L. Jaccard, A. W. Jacobel, S. S. Kienast, L. Kipp, P. Lerner, J. Lippold, D. Lund, F. Marcantonio, D. McGee, J. F. McManus, F. Mekik, J. L. Middleton, L. Missiaen, C. Not, S. Pichat, L. F. Robinson, G. H. Rowland, M. Roy-Barman, A. Tagliabue, A. Torfstein, G. Winckler, and Y. Zhou (2020), 230Th Normalization: New Insights on an Essential Tool for Quantifying Sedimentary Fluxes in the Modern and Quaternary Ocean, Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 35(2), e2019PA003820, doi:
  • Hayes, C. T., K. M. Costa, R. F. Anderson, E. Calvo, Z. Chase, L. L. Demina, J.-C. Dutay, C. R. German, L.-E. Heimbürger-Boavida, S. L. Jaccard, A. Jacobel, K. E. Kohfeld, M. D. Kravchishina, J. Lippold, F. Mekik, L. Missiaen, F. J. Pavia, A. Paytan, R. Pedrosa-Pamies, M. V. Petrova, S. Rahman, L. F. Robinson, M. Roy-Barman, A. Sanchez-Vidal, A. Shiller, A. Tagliabue, A. C. Tessin, M. van Hulten, and J. Zhang (2021), Global Ocean Sediment Composition and Burial Flux in the Deep Sea, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35(4), e2020GB006769, doi: Read the GEOTRACES Science Highlight about this paper.
  • Farmer, J. R., J. E. Hertzberg, D. Cardinal, S. Fietz, K. Hendry, S. L. Jaccard, A. Paytan, P. A. Rafter, H. Ren, C. J. Somes, J. N. Sutton, and G. B. P. W. G. Members (2021), Assessment of C, N, and Si Isotopes as Tracers of Past Ocean Nutrient and Carbon Cycling, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35(7), e2020GB006775, doi: Read the GEOTRACES Science Highlight about this paper.
  • Horner, T. J., S. H. Little, T. M. Conway, J. R. Farmer, J. E. Hertzberg, D. J. Janssen, A. J. M. Lough, J. L. McKay, A. Tessin, S. J. G. Galer, S. L. Jaccard, F. Lacan, A. Paytan, K. Wuttig, and G. P. B. P. W. G. Members (2021), Bioactive Trace Metals and Their Isotopes as Paleoproductivity Proxies: An Assessment Using GEOTRACES-Era Data, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35(11), e2020GB006814, doi: Read the GEOTRACES Science Highlight about this paper.

In addition, although not a direct product of the workshop, discussions during the workshop helped to inform the preparation of the following publication:

  • Tachikawa, K., Rapuc, W., Dubois-Dauphin, Q., Guihou, A., & Skonieczny, C. (2020). Reconstruction of Ocean Circulation Based on Neodymium Isotopic Composition: Potential Limitations and Application to the Mid-Pleistocene Transition. Oceanography, 33(2), 80-87, doi:

We would like to thank again the sponsors of the Workshop: the international PAGES programme, the US-National Science Foundation, the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, Aix-Marseille Université and John Cantle Scientific.