Biogeochemistry of trace elements and their isotopes (December 2015)

GEOTRACES Marine Chemistry

Marine Chemistry
Volume 177, Part 1, Pages 1-202 (20 December 2015)
Biogeochemistry of trace elements and their isotopes
Edited by Rob Middag, Claudine Stirling, Alessandro Tagliabue and Jingfeng Wu

This issue includes the following 17 articles:

The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2014
Pages 1-8

A review of colloidal iron partitioning and distribution in the open ocean
Pages 9-19
B.P. von der Heyden, A.N. Roychoudhury

Fractional iron solubility of atmospheric iron inputs to the Southern Ocean
Pages 20-32
V.H.L. Winton, A.R. Bowie, R. Edwards, M. Keywood, A.T. Townsend, P. van der Merwe, A. Bollhöfer

Iron(II) variability in the northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean
Pages 33-44
Christina Schallenberg, Ashley B. Davidson, Kyle G. Simpson, Lisa A. Miller, Jay T. Cullen

Atmospheric trace metal concentrations, solubility and deposition fluxes in remote marine air over the south-east Atlantic
Pages 45-56
Rosie Chance, Timothy D. Jickells, Alex R. Baker

Changes in the distribution of Al and particulate Fe along A16N in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean between 2003 and 2013: Implications for changes in dust deposition
Pages 57-68
Pamela M. Barrett, Joseph A. Resing, Nathaniel J. Buck, William M. Landing, Peter L. Morton, Rachel U. Shelley

Dissolved aluminium in the ocean conveyor of the West Atlantic Ocean: Effects of the biological cycle, scavenging, sediment resuspension and hydrography
Pages 69-86
R. Middag, M.M.P. van Hulten, H.M. Van Aken, M.J.A. Rijkenberg, L.J.A. Gerringa, P. Laan, H.J.W. de Baar

Zonal distribution of dissolved aluminium in the Mediterranean Sea
Pages 87-100
J.M. Rolison, R. Middag, C.H. Stirling, M.J.A. Rijkenberg, H.J.W. de Baar

Dissolved gallium in the Beaufort Sea of the Western Arctic Ocean: A GEOTRACES cruise in the International Polar Year
Pages 101-109
Jason A. McAlister, Kristin J. Orians

The cadmium–phosphate relationship in the western South Atlantic — The importance of mode and intermediate waters on the global systematics
Pages 110-123
Ruifang C. Xie, Stephen J.G. Galer, Wafa Abouchami, Micha J.A. Rijkenberg, Jeroen De Jong, Hein J.W. de Baar, Meinrat O. Andreae

Decoupling of zinc and silicic acid in the subarctic northeast Pacific interior
Pages 124-133
David J. Janssen, Jay T. Cullen

Sampling and analysis of the sea surface microlayer for dissolved and particulate trace elements
Pages 134-142
Alina M. Ebling, William M. Landing

Nitrate isotope distributions on the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic cross-basin section: Signals of polar nitrate sources and low latitude nitrogen cycling
Pages 143-156
Dario Marconi, M. Alexandra Weigand, Patrick A. Rafter, Matthew R. McIlvin, Matthew Forbes, Karen L. Casciotti, Daniel M. Sigman

Rare earth element distribution in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean: The balance between particle scavenging and vertical supply
Pages 157-171
Ed C. Hathorne, Torben Stichel, Bastian Brück, Martin Frank

Rare earth element distribution in Caribbean seawater: Continental inputs versus lateral transport of distinct REE compositions in subsurface water masses
Pages 172-183
Anne H. Osborne, Brian A. Haley, Ed C. Hathorne, Yves Plancherel, Martin Frank

Radium isotope distributions during the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic cruises
Pages 184-195
Matthew A. Charette, Paul J. Morris, Paul B. Henderson, Willard S. Moore

Determination of particulate and dissolved 228Th in seawater using a delayed coincidence counter
Pages 196-202
Kanchan Maiti, Matthew A. Charette, Ken O. Buesseler, Kuanbo Zhou, Paul Henderson, Willard S. Moore, Paul Morris, Lauren Kipp