GEOTRACES Special Issue in “Chikyukagaku” – Geochemical Society of Japan

A special issue has been published in the Japanese journal “Chikyukagaku” by the Geochemical Society of Japan.

Marine Geochemistry of Trace Elements and Their Isotopes

Chikyukagaku, Volume 57, Issue 2 – June 2023

Editorial committee: Hajime Obata, Yoshiko Kondo, Keiji Horikawa, Shotaro Takano, Kazuya Tanaka

It includes the following 13 papers (in Japanese, Free access):

  1. Prefatory Note for the Special Issue: Marine Geochemistry of Trace Elements and Their Isotopes
    • Hajime Obata, Yoshiko Kondo, Keiji Horikawa, Shotaro Takano
  2. Building a GEOTRACES global dataset of trace elements and isotopes in the ocean
    • Jun Nishioka, Schlitzer Reiner, Hajime Obata, Yoshiko Kondo, Jing Zhang
  3. Radiocarbon as a tracer for ocean circulation
    • Yuichiro Kumamoto
  4. Studies of past ocean circulation based on neodymium isotope analysis
    • Keiji Horikawa
  5. Isotopic distributions of iron, nickel, copper, zinc, and cadmium in the ocean and their analytical methods
    • Shotaro Takano
  6. Relationships of emission sources and atmospheric processes of aerosol Fe with its solubility
    • Kohei Sakata, Minako Kurisu, Yoshio Takahashi
  7. Dynamics of trace metals in the Antarctic ice sheet, glaciers and sea ice
    • Naoya Kanna
  8. Present status and next issues of platinum group elements studies in seawater
    • Asami S. Mashio, Hajime Obata
  9. Distribution and fate of mercury in the ocean
    • Kohji Marumoto, Akinori Takeuchi, Yuya Tada
  10. Microorganisms involved in the mercury transformations in the ocean
    • Yuya Tada, Kohji Marumoto
  11. Dynamics of vitamin B12 and its importance in the ecosystem in the ocean
    • Yoshiko Kondo
  12. Modeling of marine iron cycle
    • Kazuhiro Misumi, Daisuke Tsumune
  13. Modeling the ocean carbon cycle during glacial periods
    • Hidetaka Kobayashi, Akira Oka