Criteria for GEOTRACES Ocean Section Cruises

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NOTE ON MAJOR REVISIONS DONE: The criteria were modified in July 2015 to include under criteria #5 a) the requirement of submitting the completed pre-cruise metadata form.

In April 2017, the criteria were revised again to clarify that “metadata for all datasets, including ancillary data” must be submitted along with the data.

In June 2018, the following changes were also made:

  • Clarification of the process to request GEOTRACES section cruise status
  • Removal of the requirement of submitting the pre-cruise metadata form.

In July 2018, the criteria were revised in order to clarify that full-depth water column measurements need to be provided for ALL the GEOTRACES key parameters (for this former criteria #1 and #3 were unified in one single criteria #1).