Criteria for GEOTRACES Compliant Data

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*In December 2023, the criteria were revised in order to make more explicit that the intercalibration report and the data should be sent in parallel (there is no need to wait for the approval as compliant data to submit the data).

*In December 2019, the criteria were revised to add the procedure through the DOoR.

*In June 2018, the criteria were revised to clarify that the intercalibration of data should take place before the request for compliant status is submitted.

*In April 2017, the criteria were revised to clarify that:

  • Metadata for all datasets including ancillary data must be submitted along with the data.
  • To begin the process of establishing a given dataset as compliant data, the investigator should send the post-cruise metadata form, meaning that any request for endorsement should be submitted once the cruise is completed.