Webinar recording available – Learn about GEOTRACES and other NSF funded projects

Do you want to learn about the GEOTRACES International Programme and other NSF funded programmes?

View the following video! Dr Phoebe Lam will explain you all what you want to know about GEOTRACES!

About the webinar and programme:

On Friday 17th September, the NSF Division of Ocean Sciences held a public webinar on several NSF supported projects and initiatives as part of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development “laboratories” program.

The event was introduced by Lindsay Martin (NSF) and the presentations included:

· Dr Joellen Russel, University of Arizona, on the Global Ocean Biogeochemical array
· Dr John Trowbridge, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, on the Ocean Observatories Initiative
· Dr Phoebe Lam, University of California Santa Cruz, on the GEOTRACES program
· Dr Chris Parsons (OCE), on the National Deep Submergence Facility

The flyer including the complete programme is available for download here.