Mediterranean Planning Workshop Programme



GEOTRACES Mediterranean Planning Workshop Programme

Final draft

Presenters’ names are in italics if more than one author.
Links on talk titles lead to available files (pdf) of the talks.

Day 1 – Monday, 4th October 2010



08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome to Nice and the Workshop (L Coppola)
09:05 Workshop logistics (L Coppola)

Introduction to the GEOTRACES programme and the goals of the Workshop

09:10 The international GEOTRACES programme (C Jeandel)
09:30 Data management during GEOTRACES (MP Torre)
09:35 The goals of the workshop (AK Hannides)

The Mediterranean Sea: a GEOTRACES cross-thematic overview (plenary session – keynote speeches) Chair: AK Hannides

09:40 Mediterranean hydrography: circulation and its variability, strait exchange, and water formation (M Gacic, G Civitarese, and GE Borzelli)
10:00 Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Contributions to GEOTRACES (J Scholten, J Garcia-Orellana, and P Masqué)
10:20 How TEI can help us to better constrain some processes in the Mediterranean Sea (C Jeandel, G Sarthou, K Tachikawa, E Sternberg, M Roy-Barman, P van Beek, F Lacan, L Coppola)

Coffee break

11:10 Trace metal cycling in a miniature ocean – changes since EROS 2000? (L-E Heimbürger, C Migon, D Cossa, N Mihalopoulos, J Sonke, C Jeandel, and B Thibodeau)
11:30 Proxies calibration issues in the Mediterranean (M-A Sicre)
11:50 Introduction to the SOLAS programme and SOLAS-GEOTRACES cooperation in the Mediterranean (D Wallace)
12:10 Saharan dust deposition in the Mediterranean Sea and its impact on biogeochemical cycles (C Guieu)

Lunch break

14:00 Biogeochemistry in the Mediterranean: from the oligotrophic to the ultraoligotrophic (K Leblanc)
14:20 Western and Eastern Mediterranean: similarities and contrasts (M Krom)
14:40 Interaction between GEOTRACES and GO-SHIP in the Mediterranean Sea: report on a GO-SHIP Med-section in 2011 (T Tanhua)
15:00 An introduction to the European project on Mediterranean Acidification in a changing climate (MedSeA) (P Ziveri, the MedSeA consortium)

Mediterranean GEOTRACES: key parameters, tracers, processes, and sites (plenary session – advocacy talks) Chair: AK Hannides

15:20 Tracers for redox environments: GEOTRACES in the Black Sea (J Murray)
15:35 GEOTRACES deep section from Mediterranean Outflow in East Atlantic across the Mediterranean onboard RV PELAGIA in 2013 or 2014 (H de Baar, M Rijkenberg, L Gerringa, K Timmermans, V Schoemann, P Laan, J de Jong)

Coffee break – GROUP PHOTO

16:30 The existing observatories platforms useful for GEOTRACES in the Mediterranean Sea (L Coppola, P Raimbault, R Lampitt, K Larkin, V Cardin, G Petihakis)
16:45 Formation of basin-wide bottom nepheloid layers in the western Mediterranean after major dense shelf water cascading events (J Martin, P Puig, X Durrieu de Madron, K Schroeder, J Salat, JL López-Jurado, GP Gasparini, A Palanques, M Emelianov, AP Karageorgis, A Theocharis)
17:00 Sampling and analysis for atmospheric deposition: results from the US GEOTRACES Intercalibration Experiments (W Landing, A Milne, P Morton)
17:15 Particle cycling/circulation/margin interactions in the distribution of particle-reactive tracers (M Roy-Barman)

Day 1 General discussion and conclusions (plenary session) Chair: C Jeandel


End of Day 1


Cocktail ice-breaker

Day 2 – Tuesday, 5th October 2010


Parallel break-out sessions A and B: topics and tasks (plenary discussion)


Parallel break-out sessions A

I. TEI fluxes and processes at ocean interfaces

Chair: C Jeandel 
Rapporteur: P Masqué

Characterization of surface active substances in the natural sea surface microlayers of the coastal Middle
Adriatic stations
(S Frka Milosavljević)

Radium isotopes, seawater circulation and water ages in the Mediterranean coast of Northern Israel (Y Weinstein, Y Shalem, Y Yechieli, B Burnett, P Swarzenski, B Herut)

Early diagenesis and benthic fluxes in Adriatic and Ionian Sea (F Spagnoli, G Batholini, P Girdano)

II. TEI as proxies for past change

Chair: M-A Sicre 
Rapporteur: M-A Sicre

Neodymium isotopes in biogenic carbonates from the Mediterranean Sea: reliable archives of water mass circulation (P Montagna, S Goldstein, M Taviani, N Frank)

Biogeochemical changes following the damming of the Nile: is the South Levantine shelf still under changing conditions? (B Herut, A Almogi-Labin)


Coffee break

11:15 Parallel break-out sessions A (continued): report-writing

Parallel break-out sessions B

III. TEI and particle cycles

Chair: L Coppola
Rapporteur: S Jacquet

Potential use of Si isotopes to trace silicon biogeochemical (paleo)cycle in the Mediterranean (D Cardinal)

The significance of atmospheric inputs of dissolved and particulate trace metals
to the Eastern Mediterranean seawater (Z Markaki, N Mihalopoulos) [ poster presented by C Theodosi ]

IV. TEI and models

Chair: J-C Dutay
Rapporteur: M Gacic

Trace element modelling with the NEMO (MED12)/PISCES model (J-C Dutay)

Atmospheric and marine controls on the Non-Redfield N/P ratio in the Cretan Sea – a 1-D modeling study (S Christodoulaki, K Tsiaras, G Petihakis, N Mihalopoulos, M Kanakidou, G Triantafyllou)


Lunch break

14:30 Parallel break-out sessions B (continued): report–writing

Reports of break-out sessions A and B and discussion (plenary session)

15:00 I. TEI fluxes and processes at ocean interfaces
15:20 II. TEI as proxies for past change
15:40 III. TEI and particle cycles
16:00 IV. TEI and models

Coffee break

The ideal Mediterranean GEOTRACES section (plenary session)
Chairs: P Masqué and L Coppola
Rapporteur: AK Hannides

17:00 Introduction
17:10 Section proposals – logistics presentations – discussion
Optimization of relevant data collection to understand trace element and isotope cycling/distribution in the Mediterranean Sea (M Rijkenberg, HJW de Baar)

End of Day 2

Day 3 – Wednesday, 6th October 2010


Parallel break-out sessions C: topics and tasks (plenary discussion)


Parallel break-out sessions C

V. Mediterranean GEOTRACES section

Chair: P Masqué
Rapporteur: AK Hannides

Revisiting the mercury cycle in the Mediterranean waters – coupling speciation and stable isotopic composition approaches (D Cossa, L-E Heimbürger, JE Sonke, C Lamborg, N Pirrone)

TEI’s in the Aegean Sea: Baseline Information (C Zeri, H Kaberi)

Levantine GEOTRACES sections (AK Hannides)

VI. Western and Eastern Mediterranean process study/studies


Chair: C Guieu
Rapporteur: T Wagener

Trace elements in different marine sediment fractions of the Gulf of Tunis: central Mediterranean Sea (N Zaaboub, W Oueslati, S Abdeljaoued, FJ Huertas, A López-Galindo)

Distribution of redox-sensitive trace elements in the water column and sediments of seawater lake (Rogoznica lake, Croatia) an unique anoxic environment on the Adriatic coast (I Ciglenečki, N Mikac, E Bura-Nakić)

Long-term fluctuation of organic matter in the Northern Adriatic Sea: possible indicator of global changes (V Vojvodić, B Ćosović, J Dautović) [ talk given by I Ciglenečki ]


Coffee break

11:30 Parallel break-out sessions C (continued)

Lunch break

14:00 Parallel break-out sessions C (continued): report-writing

Reports of break-out sessions C and discussion (plenary session)

14:30 V. Mediterranean GEOTRACES section
15:30 VI. Western and Eastern Mediterranean process study/studies

Coffee break

Future steps (plenary discussion)

17:00 GEOTRACES Workshop Report & Mediterranean implementation plan
17:10 Funding efforts
17:40 Next meetings 

End of workshop