GEOTRACES PhD and Master Dissertations

Important note:
Mendeley is currently renovating all its Groups. Until the new version of Mendeley is completely available, GEOTRACES dissertations may temporarily not been displayed on this web page. We apologise for the inconvenience.

A list of PhD and Master Dissertations related to the GEOTRACES research is available below (please note that it may take a few seconds to charge).


(1) This list is available under the group GEOTRACES PhD and Master Dissertations on Mendeley free academic reference manager. Instructions on how to enter Mendeley and make searches are provided below.

(2) Permission to add publications to the list is restricted to the GEOTRACES IPO, so viewers may inform the IPO of recent GEOTRACES-related PhD dissertations by sending an email to GEOTRACES IPO.

(3) If you encounter difficulties charging the Mendeley’s application immediately below this line please use the following link:

How to enter Mendeley:

Please click on the “view group” link at the end of the publication list above and then click on the “Papers” tab in the left-hand menu to access the list.

About the search box on Mendeley:

The search box tool is available on the top right of “GEOTRACES PhD Dissertations” group in Mendeley website. Please click on the magnifying glass icon on the right of the search box to access the Mendeley’s advanced search page. Please, note that the search box tool is not limited to the “GEOTRACES PhD Dissertations” group but to all Mendeley’s publications.

If you want to make an advanced search within GEOTRACES PhD dissertations only, you can download the Mendeley Desktop that is available for free on Mendeley web site. This will allow you to have the list of GEOTRACES publications on your computer and follow every new addition. The Desktop will also allow you to make all types of searches. The instructions to install Mendeley Desktop are available here.