GEOTRACES Arctic Cruise Planning Workshop

Lecture Program and Presentations for Download (in PDF):

 8 June morning

   Session Chair: Roger Francois

   Ursula Schauer:

  Warming and freshening of the Arctic Ocean in the 2000s

   Peter Schlosser:

  Circulation patterns, mean residence times and freshwater components in the Arctic Ocean

   John Smith:

  Applications of Radionuclide Tracers to Process Studies in the Arctic Ocean

   Leif Anderson:

  The Arctic Ocean Carbon Cycle in a Changing Environment

 8 June afternoon

  Session Chair: Pere Masque
  Roundup of Arctic IPY cruises  

 Oden 2007

Leif Anderson

 Polarstern 2007

Hein de Baar, Michiel van der Loeff

 Hesperides 2007

Antonio Tovar Sanchez

 Smirnitskyi 2008

Per Andersson
  Long Term Ship Schedules  

Canadian expedition 2009

Kristin Orians and Roger Francois

Russian ships of opportunities: 2009 and 2010

Igor Semiletov


Per Andersson


Michiel van der Loeff
 9 June morning
Session Chair: Don Porcelli and Martin Frank

Lars-Eric Heimbürger  

Mercury in the Arctic

Ala Aldahan

Iodine as a geotracer

David Kadko

Be-7 measurements in the Arctic

Billy Moore   

Marine Groundwater Discharge

Mark Baskaran

Interaction of ice-rafted sediments and surface seawater using short- & long-lived nuclide tracers

Bill Landing (poster)

Aerosol and Rainfall Sampling and Analysis for GEOTRACES

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