Follow GEOTRACES SWINGS expedition live!

The research vessel Marion Dufresne in the often difficult sailing conditions as here in the Roaring Forties. © Fred PLANCHON / UBO-LEMAR

Follow this important scientific expedition in the Southern Ocean live. Its main objective: to understand how the ocean participates in climate regulation by absorbing atmospheric CO2.

From 13 January to 8 March 2021, 48 scientists will attempt, on board the research vessel Marion Dufresne, to unravel some of the secrets of the south-western Southern Indian Ocean. Between the roaring forties and the furious fifties: the scientists and crew members will have to stick together to reach their goal despite probable seasickness and sometimes acrobatic situations. Everything has to be foreseen, even the unpredictable!

Every week a new article of the Exploreur Journal will reveal the science, the scientific team and the daily life on board of this fascinating expedition in the Southern Ocean!

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List of articles published:

Swings #1: “Trace metals”, the oceanographers’ holy grail

Swings #2: The ocean’s role in climate change revealed thanks to marine particles

Swings #3: Hydrothermal sources, discovering deep-sea geysers

Swings #4: Between sky and sea, a story of dust

Swings #5 : Bacteria, the cradle of ocean breathing

Swings #6 : The ocean, the primary regulator of the climate

Swings #7: Tracking CO2 in the ocean

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