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Virtual Special Issue “Cycles of trace elements and isotopes in the ocean – GEOTRACES and beyond” finalised

In addition to hosting the overview of the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017, this special issue includes 30 other research articles that contribute to the International GEOTRACES mission.


Special Issue on Marine Particle Chemistry is complete!

Six papers in this collection report on results from the GEOTRACES programme. Together, they help to fill critical gaps in the knowledge of the role of particles and elements in marine biogeochemical cycles.


ASIAN GEOTRACES: Interaction between the North Pacific and its marginal seas (April 2019)

Edited by Greg Cutter, Jing Zhang and Pinghe Cai


GP15 Section – Cruise RR1814 and RR1815; Pacific Meridional Transect; Seattle, Washington – Papeete, Tahiti

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The U.S. GEOTRACES Eastern Tropical Pacific Transect – GP16 (April 2018)

Edited by James Moffett


GIpr08 Process Study – Cruise IN2018_V02; Southern Ocean (Indian sector)

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GS01 Section cruise – Cruise IN2018_V01; Southern Ocean

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GA13 Section – Cruise JC156; Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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Organic Ligands in Marine Trace Metal Biogeochemistry (December 2017)

Edited by Kristen N. Buck, Maeve C. Lohan, Sylvia G. Sander, Christel Hassler and Ivanka Pižeta.