What can marine authigenic Nd isotopes be reliably used for? / 1-day hybrid workshop

We are organising a full day hybrid pre-conference workshop on Sunday 9th July: What can marine authigenic Nd isotopes be reliably used for?

We aim to answer this question and identify knowledge gaps to be addressed by the community through structured discussions. We plan to focus these discussions with a small number of short talks (10 min) by early career researchers around the themes: 1) Assessing authigenic signals, 2) The sediment (pore) water interface, 3) Modern seawater & particulate Nd isotopes in different marginal marine settings, and 4) Modelling & global Nd fluxes.

The full day workshop will start with a perspective talk and end with a whiteboard session. We also plan to initiate a data compilation product at the workshop. Early career researchers will present their work related to these themes in short talks.

Please note that workshop attendance at the venue will cost 75 euros (lunch and coffee break included) and hybrid attendance will cost 60 euros. Registration to the conference is not required to sign up for the pre-conference workshops. Participants will see this option on the registration form.

We look forward to meeting you in person or online in July. Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome! And please forward this to anyone who could be interested.

Chandranath Basak
Ed Hathorne (ehathorne@geomar.de)
Jianghui Du
Patrick Blaser
Sophie Paul