Welcome to Emilie Le Roy

Emilie Le Roy just started as a part-time project officer for the GEOTRACES International Project Office (IPO). She will be assisting in maintaining the GEOTRACES website, the eNewsletter and in organising the logistics of GEOTRACES events.

Emilie has been involved in the international GEOTRACES program since her master’s degree thesis where she studied the nitrate isotopes along the French North Atlantic GEOTRACES cruise (GEOVIDE-GA01) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel with Frank Dehairs. For her PhD, she still worked on the GA01 cruise but this time, she studied radionuclides advise by Pieter van Beek and François Lacan in LEGOS, Toulouse. She then completed a postdoctoral research position at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with Matt Charette and Tristan Horner. Her postdoctoral project looked at the relationship between radium and barium along US GEOTRACES (PMT-GP15) in the Pacific. She also participated at the 1st GEOTRACES summer school in 2017. 

Welcome Emilie!