US GEOTRACES cruise in the Southern Ocean makes the cover of Eos science news magazine!

Read the article of the journalist Sofia Moutinho published at the AGU’s Eos science news magazine about her experience on board the US GEOTRACES cruise in the Southern Ocean…

Confined at the Sea at the End of the World, by Sophia Moutinho

I was on a cruise in Antarctica. Every year, hundreds of tourists pay thousands of dollars to see this landscape. But this was no vacation.  I had joined GEOTRACES 17-ANT (GP17-ANT), a scientific cruise led by an international research team focused on understanding marine biogeochemical cycles. Launched in 2010, the GEOTRACES initiative surveys every major ocean basin in the world, including the Southern Ocean, where we sailed…

(…)“Americans call this a cruise, and of course, everybody immediately thinks of a huge cruise boat with many fun activities,” said Carl Lamborg, an oceanographer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who studies mercury in the ocean. “But it is not a cruise, really. It is an expedition with a lot of work.”

EOS science news by AGU, Volume 105, No 6, June 2024

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