Upcoming departure of the U.K. FRidge cruise in the Atlantic Ocean

FRidge is a U.K. led research expedition to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which will explore hypotheses regarding the mechanisms that shape the ocean iron distribution. In particular, it will study the role of hydrothermal inputs from distinct vent sites along the ridge.

The FRidge cruise aboard the RRS James Cook will depart from Southampton (UK) on 20th December 2017 and arrive port in Guadeloupe (France) on the 1st February 2018. The cruise will sail along the GEOTRACES International section GA13 (see cruise track below).

During 6 weeks scientists will measure trace metals, nutrients and ocean physics over and around the mid Atlantic ridge in order to:

  • Document the distributions of trace metals in the North Atlantic Ocean and how they vary on and off the Mid-Atlantic Ridge;
  • Examine the mechanisms driving the magnitude of hydrothermal trace metal plumes at different hydrothermal sites along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

GA13 cruise trackFigure: Planned cruise track of the FRidge cruise (GEOTRACES section GA13).
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