Successful completion of the US North Atlantic Cruise GA03

At 4:45 pm on Saturday Dec. 10, 2011, the last pump of the last cast of the last station (24) came aboard and we began steaming toward Praia, CVI. This marks the end of a successful WHOI-CVI cruise on the R/V Knorr, US GEOTRACES North Atlantic Transect-2011. This transect went very well, with only two 3-hr. Demi stations lost to slow steaming through inclement weather. All other stations were occupied for all tracers as planned: 9 Full and 5 Super stations (top to bottom) and 8 Demi stations to 1000m. Along the way, we encountered bottom nepheloid layers (US continental margin), hydrothermal vent plumes (TAG), and CFC-enriched bottom waters in the deep Eastern Atlantic.