Special issue to celebrate 20 years of Ocean Science

In 2024-2025 EGU’s journal Ocean Science will be 20 years old, during which time it has been internationally at the forefront of high-quality, open access, open peer review publishing in our field of science. To celebrate this jubilee, we plan a special collection of ‘reviews and perspectives’ papers, looking back at how ocean sciences have advanced over the last 20 years and looking forward to how they might advance over the next 20 years. We expect this to be a high profile collection of influential papers. Accepted reviews and perspectives papers may also be included in the Encyclopedia of Geosciences.  

Scientists who have indicated that they anticipate submitting ‘reviews and perspectives’ papers to this special issue on these topic areas or similar include: 

  • Trevor McDougal – Thermodynamic concepts used in physical oceanography
  • Catherine Jeandel – GEOTRACES
  • Stephen Griffies and Tom Haine – Tracers in ocean models
  • Monika Rhein – The AMOC at 47N and ventilation of the subpolar gyre
  • Alberto Naveira Garabato – Emergence and future potential of distributed fibre optic sensing in physical oceanography
  • Nadia Pinardi – Numerical ocean predictions, the science for disaster risk reduction
  • Bert Rudels – Arctic Mediterranean Sea
  • Rainer Feistel – Climatic relevance of ocean-atmosphere interaction
  • Peter Landschützer – Towards the ocean-climate-biodiversity nexus
  • Donglai Gong – Observing the ocean autonomously

Submission of ‘reviews and perspectives’ papers is open to everyone. We welcome the perspectives of early career scientists. You do not have to be invited to submit a paper to the special issue, and submission is open from 1st August 2023 until 30thJune 2025. ‘Reviews and perspectives’ papers are welcome on any topic and discipline within ocean science, as with any paper in Ocean Science. The article processing fee for a paper will be €1600 regardless of length (but can be waived for authors working in economically disadvantaged nations). We look forward to celebrating our jubilee with you!

Karen, Anne-Marie, Mario and Bernadette (Ocean Science co-editors-in-chief)