A tribute to the work stimulated by Hein de Baar

An special issue to celebrate the oceanographic career of Hein de Baar (GEOTRACES past SSC member) at the occasion of his retirement in November 2014 is now available on Marine Chemistry.

“The theme of this Marine Chemistry Special Issue is “Cycles in the Ocean” reflecting the broad scientific interest of Hein and his colleague oceanographers. Hein de Baar is a chemical oceanographer who investigated the oceans with the conviction that only true integration of biology, chemistry, and physics is pivotal to understand the inner workings of the oceans. He was one of the initiators of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS) and of GEOTRACES.”

GEOTRACES Marine Chemistry

Marine Chemistry
Volume 177, Part 3, Pages 409-582 (20 December 2015)
Cycles of metals and carbon in the oceans – A tribute to the work stimulated by Hein de Baar

Edited by Loes J.A. Gerringa, Micha J.A. Rijkenberg, Patrick Laan and Klaas R. Timmermans


This issue includes the following 16 articles:

Cycles in the ocean
Pages 409-410

Loes J.A. Gerringa, Micha J.A. Rijkenberg, Patrick Laan, Klaas.R. Timmermans

Physio-ecological responses of Patagonian coastal marine phytoplankton in a scenario of global change: Role of acidification, nutrients and solar UVR
Pages 411-420

Virginia E. Villafañe, Macarena S. Valiñas, Marco J. Cabrerizo, E. Walter Helbling

Influence of ocean acidification on the complexation of iron and copper by organic ligands in estuarine waters
Pages 421-433

Martha Gledhill, Eric P. Achterberg, Keqiang Li, Khairul N. Mohamed, Micha J.A. Rijkenberg

Organic complexation of iron in the West Atlantic Ocean
Pages 434-446

L.J.A. Gerringa, M.J.A. Rijkenberg, V. Schoemann, P. Laan, H.J.W. de Baar

Sources of iron in the Ross Sea Polynya in early summer
Pages 447-459

L.J.A. Gerringa, P. Laan, G.L. van Dijken, H. van Haren, H.J.W. De Baar, K.R. Arrigo, A.-C. Alderkamp

YREE scavenging in seawater: A new look at an old model
Pages 460-471

Johan Schijf, Emily A. Christenson, Robert H. Byrne

Photo-oxidation: Major sink of oxygen in the ocean surface layer
Pages 472-475

W.W.C. Gieskes, R.W.P.M. Laane, P. Ruardij

Intercomparison of dissolved trace elements at the Bermuda Atlantic Time Series station
Pages 476-489

R. Middag, R. Séférian, T.M. Conway, S.G. John, K.W. Bruland, H.J.W. de Baar

Seasonal cycle of CO2 from the sea ice edge to island blooms in the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean
Pages 490-500

Elizabeth M. Jones, Dorothee C.E. Bakker, Hugh J. Venables, Nick J. Hardman-Mountford

“PRISTINE”, a new high volume sampler for ultraclean sampling of trace metals and isotopes
Pages 501-509

Micha J.A. Rijkenberg, Hein J.W. de Baar, Karel Bakker, Loes J.A. Gerringa, Edwin Keijzer, Martin Laan, Patrick Laan, Rob Middag, Sven Ober, Jan van Ooijen, Sharyn Ossebaar, Evaline M. van Weerlee, Marck G. Smit

Phytoplankton and pigment patterns across frontal zones in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
Pages 510-517

Maria A. van Leeuwe, Gerhard Kattner, Tim van Oijen, Jeroen T.M. de Jong, Hein J.W. de Baar

Sources and fluxes of dissolved iron in the Bellingshausen Sea (West Antarctica): The importance of sea ice, icebergs and the continental margin
Pages 518-535

J.T.M. De Jong, S.E. Stammerjohn, S.F. Ackley, J.-L. Tison, N. Mattielli, V. Schoemann

Sea surface temperature control of taxon specific phytoplankton production along an oligotrophic gradient in the Mediterranean Sea
Pages 536-544

W.H. van de Poll, P.G. Boute, P.D. Rozema, A.G.J. Buma, G. Kulk, M.J.A. Rijkenberg

Distributions, trends and inter-annual variability of nutrients along a repeat section through the Weddell Sea (1996–2011)
Pages 545-553

Mario Hoppema, Karel Bakker, Steven M.A.C. van Heuven, Jan C. van Ooijen, Hein J.W. de Baar

What drives the seasonality of air–sea CO2 fluxes in the ice-free zone of the Southern Ocean: A 1D coupled physical–biogeochemical model approach
Pages 554-565

B. Pasquer, N. Metzl, H. Goosse, C. Lancelot

Rapid increase of observed DIC and pCO2 in the surface waters of the North Sea in the 2001-2011 decade ascribed to climate change superimposed by biological processes
Pages 566-581

Nicola M. Clargo, Lesley A. Salt, Helmuth Thomas, Hein J.W. de Baar