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Special issue in Frontiers in Marine Science

Topic: The Changing Carbonate Systems in Coastal, Estuarine, Shelf Areas and Marginal Seas

The world’s oceans play a fundamental role in the exchange of carbon dioxide (CO2) with the atmosphere and constitute an important sink for atmospheric CO2. It was estimated that oceans absorb one-third of the total annual anthropogenic CO2 emissions. This exchange greatly influences the biogeochemistry of ocean carbon and has a great impact on the acidification of the Earth’s oceans, biological production as well as on the distribution of pollutants. Therefore, is important to understand the processes that regulate the CO2 fluxes since the projections of climatic change are, in great proportion, dependent on the distribution of CO2 between the atmosphere, soil, and ocean. Considering longer time periods, the most important processes influencing pCO2 in seawater are the dissolution of atmospheric CO2 (“solubility pump”) and relationship with sea currents and the biological uptake of carbon and transport from euphotic zone to ocean abyssal regions (“biological pump”). Although the coastal areas and marginal seas represent only 7% of the total ocean area, the input, production, and degradation of organic matter are much higher compared to the ocean waters suggesting that CO2 fluxes are very intensive and important in the global carbon budget.

This Research Topic encourages researchers to submit original papers from different marine areas: coastal, estuarine, shelf areas, and marginal seas that are particularly sensitive to changing atmospheric conditions, riverine inputs, air-sea CO2 exchanges, and multiple acid-base reactions that can alter carbonate chemistry. Papers on the long-term trends of CO2 system descriptors, as well as the interactions with calcifying organisms, are also welcome. Importantly, any actions to mitigate the change in pH will require adaptive management of multiple stressors simultaneously across several spatial scales.

Topic’s Webpage: https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/29295/the-changing-carbonate-systems-in-coastal-estuarine-shelf-areas-and-marginal-seas


  • Abstract: 15 February 2022
  • Manuscript: 16 March 2022
  • Extended (a hidden extension in place to help with delayed submissions): 15 April 2022