Send us your science selfie!

Wish to convey the knowledge you are building to a wider audience and increase the visibility of the research you are carrying out?

Send us a Science Selfie explaining your GEOTRACES research!!!

Science Selfie consists on a short, up to 3 minutes, video explaining your research in the field or in the lab in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

Instructions on how to prepare your science selfie are available here.


All videos should be shot in the mov. or mp4 format. Please share your file by WeTransfer or similar to ipoNO SPAM -- FILTER@NO SPAM -- And post it on Twitter (when possible) with a text mentioning @geotraces.

The videos will be also shared with the US National Science Foundation who will broadcast some of them on their agency’s social platforms as part of the NSF scientist selfie video series.

Image by Adrian Artis.