“COST-GEOTRACES Voltammetry” a Successful Workshop in Croatia

A workshop “Voltammetry and GEOTRACES“ has been held in the frame of research activities at marine station Martinska, Rudjer Bošković Institute, Šibenik, Croatia from October 7th to October 9th. The meeting which was more than successful gathered 40 participants from 14 countries among them 14 PhD students and post-Docs. Whole event was co-organized by GEOTRACES, COST action ES801 and Ruđer Bošković Institute. All the participants expressed their interest and will to organize a new meeting in a two year time as a necessity to discuss the role and use of electrochemistry in analysis and study of biogeochemical processes in aquatic systems.


Figure: Participants of the 2012 GEOTRACES-COST Voltammetry Workshop
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