Less than 4 months to the IDP2025 guaranteed inclusion DEADLINE!  

Make sure your data are included in IDP2025!

Do not wait until the last minute!

Deadline for guaranteed inclusion is 15 May 2024!
Check timeline for IDP2025

Submission of your datasets requires at least:

  1. Registration of the dataset(s) via the Data for Oceanic Research (DOoR) portal (https://geotraces-portal.sedoo.fr/pi).
  2. Submission of your data using the data and metadata templates downloaded from DOoR to the GEOTRACES Data Assembly Center (GDAC: https://www.bodc.ac.uk/geotraces/ / geotraces.dac@bodc.ac.uk) or your national data centre for Chinese, Dutch, French and USA* scientists*.
    • We very strongly recommend that you use the data template that is offered in the DOoR portal to report your data to GDAC or the appropriate data centre.
    • *USA scientists: To increase the efficiency of processing your data for IDP2025, we also strongly recommend that you send your data directly to GDAC in addition to BCO-DMO.
  3. Submission of a complete intercalibration report to the Standards and Intercalibration (S&I) Committee via the DOoR portal (a customized S&I report template can be downloaded from DOoR).
    • An example of a complete report is available at: https://www.geotraces.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Report_Example_Shiller.pdf (please note that if the report is not fully completed will not fulfil the requirement).
    • We very strongly recommend that you submit your S&I reports as soon as possible so that they can be reviewed in time by the S&I!
    • Next meeting of the S&I Committee will be held on 21st March 2024.
  1. Give permission for your data to be included in IDP via the DOoR Portal (https://geotraces-portal.sedoo.fr/pi). If permission is not given your data will not be included in the IDP.

How to make sure your data are included in IDP2025?
Check IDP Flowchart!

Be ready for IDP2025!