Inviting submissions to Chemical Geology Special Edition


On behalf of the Guest Editors, we now invite submissions to a GEOTRACES Chemical Geology Special Edition “Cycles of trace elements and isotopes in the ocean – GEOTRACES and beyond…”

Guest Editors: Tim Conway, Tristan Horner, Yves Plancherel and Aridane González.

This Special Volume is designed to showcase the quality and quantity of exciting new ideas and data in our field, highlighting the international and interdisclipinary nature of the GEOTRACES program. We welcome and encourage submissions of papers dealing with all aspects of chemical oceanography and marine geochemistry concerning the trace elements and their isotopes, from both the GEOTRACES program and the wider community.

All papers will go through the normal peer-review process and be published online following acceptance, with later collection into a virtual special edition.

Submission is now open and will end 28th Feb 2018. To submit your manuscript, please do so in the normal way at Chemical Geology ( but please make sure you select VSI: ConwayGEOTRACES as the article type, otherwise it will be not be associated with the Special Edition.

Please note that prior submission of a title to the proposal for this Special Edition or communication with the editors is not required for submission of a manuscript; we welcome and encourage all manuscript submissions!

Feel free to contact me with any questions (


Tim Conway

Guest Editor, Chemical Geology.