IDP2017 – Timelines for data submission and review

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Dear GEOTRACES Investigator:

Following the very successful release of the first GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product in 2014 (IDP2014,, we plan to release IDP2017 at the Goldschmidt meeting in Paris in August 2017.

This email details the approach that will be undertaken in preparing the IDP2017. Ensuring that data can be processed in an ongoing manner instead of at the last minute has motivated the creation of three data submission timelines:

A) November 1st 2015 for January 2016 review and recommendation

B) April 1st 2016 for June 2016 review and recommendation

C) December 1st 2016 for March 2017 review and recommendation

We encourage people to submit their data by Deadline A if at all possible to facilitate the workload of the Standards and Intercalibration (S&I) committee and the GEOTRACES Data Assembly Centre (GDAC). It will make the effort of compiling the next IDP significantly more straightforward if a significant fraction of data is received at an early stage. We are therefore asking the community for its support; please try to find the time to submit data as soon as you can.

Deadline B is the latest date for submission at which the GEOTRACES Programme will guarantee that data can appear in the IDP2017.

Deadline C is the final deadline to submit data. No data will be accepted to the IDP after that date. The programme will make every effort to process all data submitted before this deadline but, depending on workload, cannot guarantee that all data can appear in the IDP2017. In that case it is anticipated that sections will have priority over process studies, which will have priority over compliant data.

We wish to emphasize that submission of data at any point does not result in public release of that data. The only people who will have access to your data will be the S&I committee. The Data Management Committee will contact all PIs from December 2016 onwards to request permission to publicly release data in the IDP2017. Final decisions about release of data always remains with the scientist who collected and submitted that data.

We welcome submission of data from GEOTRACES Sections, Process Studies and Compliant Data (

Although not required, please also consider submitting derived values (such as total particle mass calculated as the sum of the individual components whose concentrations are measured – lithogenic, opal, CaCO3, organic, and authogenic oxides), together with complete documentation of the procedure to calculate the derived values. GEOTRACES would like to evaluate the workload of including relevant derived parameters (having well-defined methods provided in the metadata) in the future.

As data quality is a corner stone of GEOTRACES Data products, for IDP 2017 all data must pass one of the following quality control steps:

(1) All key TEI data submitted for the IDP require intercalibration. Intercalibration can be achieved via cross over stations, duplicate sampling and additional analysis of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs). Details are provided in the intercalibration procedure documents

(2) All other TEI data (non-key TEIs) to be submitted for the IDP still need to demonstrate the method used for quality control, which ideally follows the same intercalibration procedures as outlined for key TEIs.

(3) All data reports and metadata should be submitted to the S&I co-chairs and will be evaluated by the S&I.

If you are a PI or key analyst for GEOTRACES parameters, you will shortly receive an email from the S&I Committee to encourage you to undertake intercalibration. Please take a moment to revisit the criteria for intercalibration (

We encourage you to submit data to GDAC ( in a timely manner and look forward to working with you towards building an exciting Data Product for 2017.

Best regards,

Ed Boyle and Reiner Schlitzer (GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee co-chairs)
Andrew Bowie and Alessandro Tagliabue (GEOTRACES Data Management Committee co-chairs)
Greg Cutter and Maeve Lohan (GEOTRACES S&I Committee co-chairs)

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