Goldschmidt 2014 – GEOTRACES Special Sessions

Goldschmidt 2014 
June 8-13 – Sacramento CA, USA


GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2014
Tuesday 10th June 12:30-14:00
Restaurant, Cafeteria 15L (View on map) – Capacity 100 persons

(Included in the student events programme)

Lunch boxes will be provided to the first 50 student participants and USB sticks containing the eGEOTRACES Atlas will be offered to the first 80 participants.

GEOTRACES sessions:

17e: Trace Elements, Microbes, and Biogeochemical Cycles in the Ocean Environment
Co-convenors: Kathy Barbeau, Maite Maldonado, Benjamin Twining

16g: Sources, sinks and stores: integrating isotope and geochemical proxies for past and present surface processes, from elementary reactions to global change
Co-convenors: Tim Conway, Penelope Lancaster, Damien Lemarchand, Sunil Singh, Sambuddha Misra

GEOTRACES-related sessions:

14e: Climate and Biogeochemistry of Cryosphere Environments
Co-convenors: Lori Ziolkowski, Amy Townsend, Ashley Dubnick, Anders Carlson, Sarah Aciego, Alexandre Anesio, Jill Mikucki

17a: Natural and Anthropogenic Impacts on Ocean Chemistry (Nutrients, Oxygen and the Biological Pump)
Co-convenors: Cecile Guieu, Linn Hoffman, Martha Gledhill, Jay Cullen

17g: Hydrothermal Vents: Controls and Influences – Nano-Scale to Global – On Earth and Beyond 
Co-convenors: Emma A. A. Versteegh, Kathrin Streit, Max Coleman

19c: The Biogeochemical Cycling of the Nutrients N, P and Si: Terrestrial and Marine Insights for the Present, Past and Future
Co-convenors: Karen Casciotti, Troy Baisden, Gabriel Filippelli, Mak Saito

19f: Biogeochemical Processes Influencing Mobilization, Transformations, and Bioavailability of Mercury
Co-convenors: Helen Hsu-Kim, Nathan Yee, Andrew Graham