Goldschmidt 2013 – GEOTRACES Relevant Special Sessions

Goldschmidt 2013
25-30 August 2013, Florence – Italy

GEOTRACES Relevant Special Sessions:

*16h. Chemical Weathering in Marginal Environments
Convenors: Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink and Morgan Jones
Keynote: Catherine Jeandel (LEGOS, Toulouse)

*17a. The ins and outs of mud: chemical fluxes between sediments and seawater
Convenors: Silke Severmann and Rachel Mills
Keynote: Ronnie N. Glud (University of Southern Denmark)

*17b. Constraining rates of ocean processes
Convenors: Laura Robinson and
Matt Charette
Bill Jenkins (WHOI)

*17d Isotope geochemistry of the modern oceans
Convenors: Seth John
, Julie Granger, Katharine Pahnke and Gregory F. de Souza
Keynote: Curtis Deutsch (University of Washington)

*17g Metal-biota interactions in seawater
Convenors: Jay Cullen, Maeve Lohan and Martha Gledhill
Keynote: Mak Saito (Woods Hole)