GEOTRACES Workshop: Quantifying fluxes and processes in trace-metal cycling at ocean boundaries

A two-day workshop to synthesize findings from the GEOTRACES programme.

December 9th and 10th, 2015. Chicheley Hall, England.

This workshop will assess the state of understanding of trace metal fluxes at the four ocean boundaries: continents; marine sediments; the atmosphere; and mid-ocean-ridges. It will seek to quantify fluxes for key trace elements, and describe as fully as possible the processes that control them, so that changes to these fluxes in the past and future can be predicted. It will also identify areas where fluxes remain uncertain, or tracers disagree, and prioritise areas for future research.

Keynote talks will be from:

Chris German (WHOI, USA): Mid-ocean ridges
Will Homoky (Oxford, UK): Sediments
Jordi Garcia-Orellana (Barcelona, Spain): Fluxes across the continental shelf
Susan Little (Imperial College, UK): Isotope tracing of boundary fluxes
Bill Jenkins (WHOI, USA): Deconvolving fluxes from section data
Cecile Guieu (Villefrance, France): Lessons from the SOLAS Programme
Bernard Peuker-Ehrenbrink (WHOI, USA): The Great Rivers Observatory

There will be breakout discussion periods to consider each of the four ocean boundaries, and the opportunity to show posters relevant to boundaries fluxes. Discussion will be summarised in a paper for each of the four boundaries.

There is a limit of 80 places at the workshop, but we anticipate being able to accommodate most of those interested in attending. Applications to attend can be made at this site:
There is no cost to attend the meeting, but delegates will need to cover their accommodation, food, and travel costs (though the workshop convenors are able to cover the costs of a small number of delegates).

This meeting follows directly after the two-day open meeting in London:
“Biological and climatic impacts of ocean trace element chemistry”

Registration for which is open at this site: