GEOTRACES Taiwanese cruise is sailing in the Western Pacific

The Taiwanese research vessel Ocean Research 5 (OR/5) is sailing in Western Philiphine Sea (25 March – 3 April, 2014). This is the second cruise of a Taiwanese GEOTRACES Process Study consisting of two cruises (the previous one carried out in summer last year). The cruise track and studies sites are shown on the figure below.  The main objective of the cruise is to study the impact of anthropogenic aerosols transported by winter monsoon on marine trace metal biogeochemistry and the influence of mesoscale eddies on marine biogeochemistry in the West Philippine Sea.


ORV 2014 l
GEOTRACES Taiwanese cruise track.  Click here to view the figure larger.

Chief Scientist: Tung-Yuan Ho (Academia Sinica, China-Taipei)