GEOTRACES Synthesis of Results Initiative

GEOTRACES plans to launch a three-pronged synthesis initative. The first component focuses on sources and sinks of TEIs at ocean boundaries, starting with the workshop “The biological and climatic impacts of ocean trace-element chemistry” (7-8 December 2015, Royal Society in London, UK).

The second component focuses on internal cycling of TEIs within the ocean. This will be organised by U.S. GEOTRACES, in collaboration with the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Programme (OCB) in mid-2016.

The third component will be centered on geochemical tracers used as paleoceanographic proxies with a workshop planned for 2017. GEOTRACES is exploring a partnership with the Past Global Changes project (PAGES) in hosting this workshop. 

The first two workshops will use the wealth of data in the 2014 Intermediate Data Product (IDP) and demonstrate to the broader oceanographic community the usefulness of the 2014 IDP. The 2017 workshop will have access to the first and second IDPs, as well as to the results of the 2015 and 2016 workshops.

Together, these workshops cover the main scientific goals of GEOTRACES and are designed to respond to the expectation that GEOTRACES results benefit other oceanographic disciplines.