GEOTRACES Marine Particles Special Issue Published!

The Special issue in Progress in Oceanography dedicated to the marine particles is published now!

This special issue arose from the 3rd GEOTRACES Data-Model Workshop held on 14-18 November 2011 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

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Progress in Oceanography

Volume 133, Pages 1-78, April 2015
GEOTRACES Synthesis and Modeling: The role of particles in the marine biogeochemical cycles of trace elements and their isotopes
Edited by Catherine Jeandel, Olivier Marchal, Phoebe J. Lam and Robert F. Anderson

This issue is composed by the following articles:

Characterizing marine particles and their impact on biogeochemical cycles in the GEOTRACES program
Pages 1-5
Robert F. Anderson, Christopher T. Hayes

What did we learn about ocean particle dynamics in the GEOSECS–JGOFS era?
Pages 6-16
Catherine Jeandel, Michiel Rutgers van der Loeff, Phoebe J. Lam, Matthieu Roy-Barman, Robert M. Sherrell, Sven Kretschmer, Chris German, Frank Dehairs

The oceanographic toolbox for the collection of sinking and suspended marine particles
Pages 17-31
Andrew M.P. McDonnell, Phoebe J. Lam, Carl H. Lamborg, Ken O. Buesseler, Richard Sanders, Jennifer S. Riley, Chris Marsay, Helen E.K. Smith, Elizabeth C. Sargent, Richard S. Lampitt, James K.B. Bishop

Methods for analyzing the concentration and speciation of major and trace elements in marine particles   
Pages 32-42
Phoebe J. Lam, Benjamin S. Twining, Catherine Jeandel, Alakendra Roychoudhury, Joseph A. Resing, Peter H. Santschi, Robert F. Anderson

Optical techniques for remote and in-situ characterization of particles pertinent to GEOTRACES
Pages 43-54
Emmanuel Boss, Lionel Guidi, Mary Jo Richardson, Lars Stemmann, Wilford Gardner, James K.B. Bishop, Robert F. Anderson, Robert M. Sherrell

Simulating aggregate dynamics in ocean biogeochemical models
Pages 55-65
George A. Jackson, Adrian B. Burd

Modelling the role of marine particle on large scale 231Pa, 230Th, Iron and Aluminium distributions
Pages 66-72
J.-C. Dutay, A. Tagliabue, I. Kriest, M.M.P. van Hulten

Recommendations for future measurement and modelling of particles in GEOTRACES and other ocean biogeochemistry programmes
Pages 73-78
Gideon M. Henderson, Olivier Marchal