GEOTRACES cruise in the Baltic Sea

CruiseTrack_BalticThe first GEOTRACES cruise in the Baltic Sea will take place during an 11 day cruise out go Gdansk (from 3rd-13th November) on board the RV Oceania. The two main goals of the cruise will be to assess the role of redox processes on the cycling of trace elements and isotopes, and to assess the various sources of elements to the Baltic Sea from freshwater run off and ocean exchange.

This cruise will be run by the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAS) with the kind support of its director, Prof. Janusz Pempkowiak. The principal scientific officer is Dr. Jacek Beldowski from IOPAS. Fourteen scientists will sail, representing 6 research institutes from 4 countries. Dr. Michael Staubwasser is the lead GEOTRACES Scientist and will oversee clean sampling of trace metals using a pump-CTD system. Further details will be released immediately following the cruise.

Figure: Tentative Cruise Track