GEOTRACES-COST Workshop on stable isotopes of biologically important trace elements held in London

A successful workshop has been held at the Department of Earth Science and Engineering of Imperial College London (13-14 September 2012) to bring together, for the first time, the community of people working on stable isotopes of biologically important trace metals. The focus of the workshop was on the stable isotopes of Zn, Cd, and Fe but isotope systems of other micronutrient and contamination-prone elements (particularly Pb) were also considered. Almost 50 people from 12 countries attended the workshop to share novel data and discuss analytical issues related to sampling and the isotopic measurements in the context of the GEOTRACES program.

The workshop was supported by COST Action ES0801 and the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR).


GEOTRACES_Stable_Isotopes_Wk_2012_lowFigure: Participants of the 2012 GEOTRACES-COST Workshop on Stable Isotopes of Biologically Important Trace Elements.